Students have a look to write better short stories in exams.

So as I am going to face my 10th board exams my teacher had shared some tips to write better short stories. I think it will be really helpful, so have a look on it.

  • Write a catchy title.
  • Introduce your story in an attractive manner.
  • Develop your characters.
  • Choose a point of view.
  • Write some meaningful dialogues.
  • Use setting of background that include time, location and atmosphere where the plot take place.
  • Set up the plot(reveal the dramatic, thematic and emotional significance).
  • Built up a climax.
  • Find the solution of climax or crisis(it should have some moral).

So hope it will help you

Best wishes,

Umrah Sania πŸ˜€


Hardwork Vs Talent😎

Hii guys, welcome back to my another blog post. First of all I was thinking to loggout till my exams, but I couldn’t do it. I think it’s your love that had stopped me to do that. Thank you so much for your likes and kind words. So coming to the point, in this blog post I would like to share my speech which I had written for my speech competition in school. So let’s get started.

Hardwork Vs Talent

We people in this world lack behind because of many reasons like absence of hardwork, talent, contribution etc. Among these reasons hardwork and talent can be highlighted and which can be a big issue if we don’t understand early.

Talent is something which shows you the way to success whereas hardwork is the key to success. Your success will be locked untill you will not go ahead, work hard and unlock it. The word hard-work itself tells you the meaning that your way to the heights will not be easy. You will be stamped down, down and down until you break your hope. But these obstacles and hardwork will help you climb the highest positions of life. Life will not give you everything for free, it is a game of exchanges where you give hardwork and contribution and it will give success in return.

I am supporting hardwork here so it doesn’t mean that talent does not have any roles. Talent is an inborn quality which you have. But there are some people who lack behind just because they didn’t work hard with their talent. Most of the people think that if they have talent they need not work hard. Talent itself will take them to their goal. Then I would like to tell them that they are wrong and are just going to ruin their lives . Talent doesn’t have legs so that it can take you to the door of success whereas hardwork can give you the best results directly or indirectly. So try to understand the ability you have. You can’t neglect hardwork neither talent because these both are really important and are incomplete without each other.

I think the person who uses hardwork and his talent together in a proper way and time is the smartest and can be a successful person in his life. Even I am working hard to be a good writer. I have the ability to write better but I must dedicate completely on it then only I can achieve my goal.

There are many personalities in this world who can be an example for this topic: Christiano Ronaldo a best football player of the world. He once had no money to buy a pair of shoes, JK Rowling a well known novelist of Harry Potter series had no money to pay rent of her house and now she is a billionaire. It was not easy for them to reach in the position what they are in today. But sometimes hardwork can create talent. I think you have heard a thought practice makes a man perfect. Each and every human is gifted with a talent but we are not recognizing it. If an iron selling man can be TATA and a shoe selling man can be BATA why can’t we. Be the winner of your race. I repeat again you will never get anything without hard work.

Written by

-Umrah Sania

A Thank To All

I am highly thankful to everyone to like my posts. It’s really a great achievement for me as I started blogging from the month of June and didn’t have much progress. But one thing I really understood from my past that everything happens in a right time in your life and leaving hope is incorrect. I frequently cannot blog because I am busy preparing for my 10th board exams and I think I will not be able to post properly in these three months that is till March but still I will try to be connected with you guys. Thank you so much once again.

Best wishes,

Umrah Sania 😍

My mistake in the answer sheets and the enjoyment of bunking.

We had special classes every evening so I and my bestie were very hungry how can you imagine to sit in a class continuously for 4 hours. So as soon as bell rang ( at 3:30) we ran out of our class. I was really scared to even bunk a single minute of the class because my exams are going on and our VP (vice principal) is a very strict lady, if she will come to know about this bunk she will never allow us to write the exams. But my friend she pulled me and took me out of the campus were there are many stalls. She brought some pineapple and watermelon pieces, I was full of tension due to which I couldn’t eat properly , she said watermelon was good but hiding and eating from our acquaintance I didn’t even taste it. Then we went to class and gave some excuse of informing my parents about the classes and joined rest of them.

There were just twenty minutes left. for the bell and my teacher asked me about my papers she said I have done well but I lost marks in some parts which she didn’t expect. These are the following mistakes I have done:

My answers were too lengthy compared to the marks because of which I couldn’t manage my time.

I could use a better subject in the letter format.

In my answers I wrote names of important characters wrong, she advised me if I am not able to remember the names, it’s better to not write or else I can loose my marks.

Understanding the concept of the questions properly.

Avoiding the answers to be more wordy. This mistake was not done by me but it was done in common by others.

She also advised us to use attractive titles and read the text perfectly. If whiners are impressed by the creativity of your writing they will have no chance to cut your marks.

Best wishes,

Umrah Sania

Relations – an important part of life

Relations are really important in our life. The people around us may not help us every time but blood relations are people who stand with us in each and every obstacle. You may be thinking that I am going out of my topic 😊, as you all know I always post related to writing and this time also it is something related to writing.

So, it’s time to introduce something new. As I am elder one in my maternal family, my family love me a lot. Both my maternal and paternal family love and takes care of me as if I am still a child and this shows the way I am showered with love by everyone. So coming to the point and relating this post, I would like to tell you that relations can help you write.

I myself is an example of this because I have written some poems and short stories in sweek for the relations I am linked with, which I will list below.

As I am very close to my mother I have written a poem to express my love but I think it’s not enough.

None Other Than You
My first cry was her most precious day,
She says my first talk was a memorable say,
All her love and prayers,
Her devotion, trust and care;
Nourished me with kindness and prays,
She was none other than my mother,
Whose prayers always bring light,
Even in the darkest corners of sight.
She taught me good deeds,
Good manners and showed me a better way,
She caught my hand when I slithered,
She taught me to walk with her fingers,
Her thoughts made my sense brave,
And her talks taught me how to behave,
She was none other than you mom,
Who love me and care.
She showed me basics of life,
To see dreams of my night,
To take flight up above the sky,
And be a star burning bright,
She shaped my character,
And taught me to be what I am,
She was none other than you mom,
Who is the turning of my life.
She deserves the greatest respect of life,
In whose feet the heaven lies,
She is none other than you mom,
Who play the hardest role of being.

Then I am thinking to write a short story to dedicate my loving and caring dad. Hope I will finish it as soon as possible but I think I will be busy this January as I am going through my hatest exams. But still I plucked some time from my busy schedule to post this one.

My bestie I love her a lot I can’t ever imagine a life without her. So I wrote a poem as her birthday gift.

A True Companion

I was left all alone,
In the tragic debating zone,
But a star appeared in front of my eyes,
Came to glitter my whole life.
Difficulties tried to burn me,
But she stood beside me,
She took me to the shade of relief,
And accepted all my grief.
A True companion could only sacrifice,
To keep me happy and nice,
She is the only person who understands,
To fight obstacles and brave stand.
She is a part of my happiness,
Her trust and love will keep me alive,
When our happiness and tears will combine,
The atmosphere will look divine.

My relation with the society came out in the form of writing that is a poem.

A Girl
A cute girl in a happy home,
Grew a dream to achieve a goal,
She came into a competitive comb,
Hardwork made her a dust of charcoal,
And life lit a fire,
Where she found herself burning bright in the whole.
It was not so easy for her,
It was not so painless for her,
She made people realize with her abilities.
When society pointed many fingers,
She bent those.
When there were unnecessary questions,
She answered those.
Nothing was stable, but more quicker.
You and me may not know her,
But can be found here,
She can be found in each and every girl in this world,
If she is given respect in the society,
If she is encouraged to do something,
If she is given freedom to choose by herself,
No matter lumps of difficulties arise, she will move on forever.

I also wrote a short story about the fun which I have with my friends. This story is already in my previous post.

I usually share all my writing works to my teacher but this one I will never ever send because she will get know everything what we do in class. So finally I would like to conclude with a happy smileπŸ˜€. Hope you all have healthy relations.

Best wishes,

Umrah Sania

Happy New Year- 2019πŸ˜πŸ˜‡

Happy New Year everyone, today 1st January 2019 is the start of the day and hope it will be beautiful. I can’t still believe that 2018 is over. Time moves so early. Today my teacher send me a New Year resolution which I would like to share with people.

My teacher is guiding me to the proper path πŸ˜€πŸ˜€. But she is really amazing person I have ever met in my life. Today the start of the New Year I would like to thank everyone who helped me smile and each and everyone who demotivated me because demotivation has been my greatest challenge to achieve my goal. No matter what it is I would like to end up the previous year with happiness and forgiving those who hurted me.

Best wishes,